Sacramento Plant Exchange No. 4

Join us for the fourth Sacramento Plant Exchange at The Secret Garden on Sunday, October 17th from 9:00am - 11:30am (Doors CLOSE at 9:45am)

Bring plants and cuttings to share with others, meet other plant parents, & make new plant friends.

How does a plant exchange work? Each attendee brings plants or plant cuttings to share with others. Are you a plant rookie? Bring something simple like some succulent cuttings or babies. The more serious plant enthusiasts can bring some of their rare stuff to share with the rest of the collectors.

If you haven't been to one of our events here are some photo recaps from our past plant exchanges:

Sacramento Plant Exchange No. 1

Sacramento Plant Exchange No. 2

Sacramento Plant Exchange No. 3

Remember that everyone is in a different place in their plant journey so be prepared to chat, trade & learn; Be respectful, no judgement! Learning is half the fun. Please, no plants for sale, just trades.

While the event will be held outside at The Secret Garden we please encourage you to mask up as the event will entail face to face engagement.  We want to do our part in hosting a safe event for ourselves and every attendee.  

Only 30 tickets available so purchase yours now! Each ticket cost $5. All proceeds will help fund the event and future plant exchanges.  After purchasing your ticket you will receive more details leading up to the event.  Please save your confirmation email for entry on October 17th.    


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