Sacramento Plant Exchange No. 3 Photo Recap

Another plant exchange down, more community built!  Thank you to each and every one of you who came out for the Sacramento Plant Exchange No. 3.  A special thanks goes out to Exotic Plants and specifically Sadie and Amber for being our gracious hosts and supplying us with an incredible space.  

Between three plant exchanges we have had over one hundred of you register and show up.  This means the world to Jessica and I (Tyler).  To go from a simple instagram page showcasing our plants to THIS puts the biggest smiles on our faces.  We are humbled to be building this plant parent community with you all.  

We will continue planning and coordinating these exchanges with new spaces, collaborators, and individuals who can help us raise the bar.  We want to keep getting better at this and providing an experience none of you will ever forget.  We welcome any suggestions, ideas, and criticism you might have.  You are always free to write us through our contact page or email.  

Until Sacramento Plant Exchange No. 4...

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